Get the ball rolling

Hi folks

A recent event caused us a lot of worry as to what the future held but, on the positive side, made us realize that if we want to go in to retirement and spend the rest of our life hopefully being happier, we need to remember what’s important.

So we reassessed our priorities as well as our financial needs and realized that financially we didn’t really need as much as we first thought if we approached it right which makes an early retirement (early at 60?) much more achievable. It may be that I enter retirement in stages but it’s all about taking those important first steps.

One of those first steps I took is that I’ve now chosen to work 4 days a week instead of 5 days to start enjoying more of my remaining time. On top of this, we are streamlining our possessions so that when we do decide to up sticks and move abroad it will be easier. This may sound an odd first step but when you’ve worked since you were 15 and now 58,  it’s quite a major step to voluntarily give up part of that working life. which has been with you so many years.

It’s rather liberating, I never thought an old so-and-so like me could get excited anymore but it’s never too late:-)

Stay well