My First Post and about time too!

View of Guadalest valley

Hi folks

This is my first post on a blog and one of many to come as my partner and I start prepare for semi-retirement next year. This is something long overdue as I started working at 15 and I’m now in my late 50s.

I’ve spent a lot of years on the tools as a motor mechanic but was fortunate enough to switch careers in my 40s. I say ‘fortunate’ as I never really enjoyed being a black hander (that’s what they called us mechanics in the Army) but coming from a working class background I was expected to get a trade under my belt which of course I did.

The career I was to find myself in turned out to be something I was good at (still am I think) and actually enjoyed for the most part. I became a Project Planner which is basically helping companies work out what needs to be done to deliver a product, upgrade or new factory, for example, how best to tackle it and then helping them keep on track along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret my many years as a black hander. Firstly, there’s no point in regrets as its done now. Plus, between that and quite a few years in the Army, it helped make me the man I am today (though some may not agree that’s a good thing!).

This is just a quick post to get me thinking and start the ball rolling quite frankly as I want to bring to these pages some of the things we’ve done to be able to retire at what will be 60 when it comes and enjoy life before its too late.

So hopefully you will come back and visit as you and I go on this journey together…and with my wonderful wife as well of course.

Until then, stay well


2 thoughts on “My First Post and about time too!

  1. Ian – welcome to retirement! There are a few of us in the early stages of this retirement journey – all blogging about it here on wordpress. Some like me are new to blogging. Some are long term bloggers and just entering a new lifestage and blogging about it. I look forward to hearing about your journey. Feel free to reach out to the others (like me) on the journey as well. Yes, there are ups and downs as you figure out the new rhythm of life.

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    1. Many thanks Pat.

      I’m not there yet, its early next year but seems remarkbly close after all these years on the treadmill:-)

      Having said that, it took my better half (the missus) to get me to lift my head up from the treadmill and realise I could retire next year if I wanted to which, of course, I do.

      We don’t have the luxury of pensions or anything to fund that retirement but are setting up passive income to do that and half way there on that as our needs aren’t great.

      Yes, we will need to be more careful with our money and plan things through but a small price to pay for the improved quality of life.

      Blogging is a new experience for me also but like the relatively freestyle, informal way it can be used after being in the stuffy business world for so long.

      Stay well all.

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